GreyWolf (iOS and macOS)

This project involved creating a suite of property management tools for both mobile & desktop and then creating the platform for which the devices interact upon.

Parse is an open-source platform allowing object storage, authentication and notifications. It’s open-source nature allows it to be setup on the clients internal servers never needing to be connected to a third-party source.

Using Parse and Mongo to provide a self-hosted data-store that can be held internally. It communicates with the companion desktop and mobile applications.

The GreyWolf Desktop Mac application was coded in Swift, Cocoa using CocoaPods for library management. It communicates with the Parse serve allowing offline transactions, record editing. With report printing and on-the-fly PDF generation.

The GreyWolf Mobile Application was also coded in Swift and iOS, communicating with parse the allow the user to navigate property details quickly, with support for communication drop-offs so the platform is always available regardless of where the user is.

As the project developed I helped with development of the parse platform, completing issues, running tests and updating documentation which helped with building out the features of the GreyWolf platform.

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