Coders North is a free, online meeting place for teachers and their students to share, learn, partner and celebrate coding and the Indigenization of the digital world.

An ambitious project and something I’m very proud of. My partner and I built the CodersNorth learning platform using Node.Js, React and the Google Map API extensively.

It allows first nation communities to map places of interest and significance on their own custom google map. With features like clustering, polygon mapping for marking territories, and video, images and audio uploads.

It also includes companion swift built iPhone and iPad apps for mapping points in the field.

We also built a learning portal giving students coding challenges they have to complete to win beads , beads will fill the hearts of the animals bringing them back to life and allow them travel back to turtle island. Using CSS animation we needed to build something that would play the animation in way we could re-run for each animal they win, along with animations running at the same time to give the appearance of Turtle Island moving across the ocean.

Building the backend API required a lot of hours devising the what’s needed, edge cases and how to implement it. Using Mongoose locked us down forcing us to innovate how we coded the API to make it performant and helpful for the front-end to consume.

Google Maps was by far the most difficult part to build as we had to build something that allowed users to plot points on the map and upload media to those points to document the cultural significance of a location. We later added polygons giving them the ability to plot land boundaries exactly adding to the communities story.

Along with activities we added interactive lessons utilizing Adobe Captivate to supply the teachers with lessons they can undertake in-class with their students. Each lesson is packed with activities and complemented with tutorial pdfs that the students complete in order to achievement their beads.  

I also built a companion iPhone and iPad app in Swift so users can plot points of interest while in the field.

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