Passenger On Leopard

Published 29 Jan 2009 | Under

More BASH Aliases

First off here are some helpful aliases I've got hooked up in my .bash_profile file

alias ss='script/server'
alias flush='dscacheutil -flushcache'
alias hosts='sudo nano /etc/hosts'
alias apache_restart='sudo apachectl restart'
Simple Passenger 403 Forbidden Fix

Following on from Ryan's RailsCast on Passenger I've got the PrefPane and Passenger installed on Leopard using OSX's supplied copy of Apache2.

However, I kept getting 403 Forbidden everytime I tried to access the local sites.

Fix was simple though, think it was caused by me porting the code off my Linux box (hence the permissions error as I don't have an indiehead user on my box).

Open up a Finder window, navigate to the directories your Rails apps are located in, Command+I to popup the details of that directory. Look down the list till you get to permissions. Unlock the padlock for permissions, hit the cog and re-apply your machine's permissions to all the enclosed items.

I could've done this simpler I suppose with a chmod or chown command but then what's the point having a shiny graphical interface if you don't use it ;-)

Suppose I have to fix Michelle's Apache problem now, oh joy ;-)

List Users

This can be done on your Linux / OSX system via,

cat /etc/passwd | cut -d":" -f1

Which will show a nice long list of all the users available on your box