Google Apps as your CDN

Published 19 Jul 2008 | Under

Setting up Goggle Apps as your own CDN

  • Install Python
  • Download Google Apps SDK
  • Signup for Google App Engine and create an application
  • Download CDN Example, nicely put together by Andreas Krohn of
  • Extract archive and edit app.yaml, changing application:digitalisticcdn to application:
  • Put all the images you want to upload in the images directory, etc.
  • Download Digitalistic's batchfile uploader here. Edit it so it points to your Python install directory, your Google App Engine SDK and your digitalisticcdn / customapp directory.
  • Double-click on this newly edited batch file to run it, the first time it'll ask for your username & password afterwhich your files will then be uploaded (hopefully) to your newly created appengine cdn.

So after all that, you should be able to access your images via,

[application identifier][myimage.gif]

Thanks go to Andreas Krohn of for putting together the zip archive example, batch file and original tutorial.