Mongrel keeps stale PIDs

Published 11 Aug 2007 | Under

** !!! PID file log/ already exists. Mongrel could be running already. Check your log/mongrel.log for errors.

Sometimes things just don’t want to work acording to plan, the message above is basically saying that the mongrel rails server is being lazy and not cleaning up after re-booting itself.

Some things just love to play with your sanity,

To fix this, I hunted the web and found an appropriate patch, hope it works for you if you run into this,

RimuHosting Guide

Mongrel Patch from TextSnippets

Basic Maintenance

to see your currently running processes type,

ps -aux

you can kill any of them by using their process id’s and the kill command

kill 11

to backup your database type,

mysqldump -u root mydb > dump.sql

to reboot your server

shutdown -r now

also there’s a much nicer in-line text editor than VI, called nano…

nano [file]

Till next time,